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So i saw this ad on Facebook(of course) and it kind of made me face palm but then i wondered if i was just being a stick in the mud and well, you guys be the judge.

First off, let's just ignore the Lord Of The Rings reference in an ad about "Ninja Hoodies" because that's a whole other bag of stupid. But basically what we have here is an African American youth in a hoodie with a ninja mask. I'm sorry but in the post Treyvon Martin world all i can do is ask...


So yeah, do we really want to give racist assholes with guns more reasons to "be afraid" of AA youth? I can see the Fox News report now.."Well i was afraid because he looked like a ninja and I've seen enough Bruce Lee movies to know what they can do.". Or maybe i'm overreacting and this is no big deal. Maybe it's just a cool variant on the hoodie that someone thought off and it just happens to have an AA man on the ad. Maybe there are other ads with white guys or Asian guys that didn't pop on my Feed.And maybe i am doing what the trolls accuse us of doing and trying to connect everything back to Treyvon Martin. I don't know, i just have a bad feeling when i see that. But what do you all think?

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