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Is This Childish On My Part?

Last night we watched on OnDemand The Sinner there was a sex scene (implied no private parts shown). It also happened for example when we watched The Catch.

I get very, very uncomfortable watching these scenes with my mother also watching the show. She also said while watching that she liked The Catch but she hated the sex scenes due to watching it with her son (that would be me).

I avoid going to R rated movies with her if I think or know there will be nudity or implied sex scenes. I recall as a kid going to movies with her and her elbowing me to close my eyes during these scenes or female nudity.


This is why we don’t have Premium Channels I really do not want to watch these shows like Game of Thrones etc with her. I suspect she feels the exact same way. We gave up The Catch on unspoken mutual consent though we both liked it.

Everytime there is female nudity and implied sex scenes I get flashbacks to when I was a child and feel super uncomfortable.

Is this childish? On both our parts? Is this normal? I suspect yes to the third.

Solutions? My inclination is leave pattern alone we are both used to it.

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