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Is This Couple Real?

God I would give her a one way ticket back to Russia so fast. She is absolutely a gold digger. It’s obvious she wants his money. She yells at him, gets upset when he would not pay 45k on a wedding dress. Punches him hard when he wants to be married for 5 years before she can get 50/50 in a divorce.

Yet I do not see what he sees in her. I don’t find her that attractive neither is he but their personality is probably driving it down. He would be better off alone. The end showed them married for 6 months who would want to be with someone who obviously cares nothing for you only your wallet.

Never once did I see anything but disdain from her to him but not his money.

Unless he is a masochist he seems to have zero self esteem. She is 20 he is 37 what do they have in common plus culturally they would have less in common.


Maybe this is all fake. I hope so. Sniperwolf I disagree he should not put her in her place that rubbed me the wrong way just show her the door.

Video is circa 10 minutes. Also don’t slap your camera.

Also how legal is this? Dating then marrying just for a visa? It seems like fraud. I keep thinking could he not get in a short term sexual relationship have it be monetary like this and pay for her college education. I read about this before but not sure if its a myth or not.

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