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Is this horseshit? Or TOTAL horseshit?

ETA: my friend/flatmate is in the grey. His dickhead friend is in the blue.

So I have a close friend, who is also my flatmate, who is good hearted, sometimes a little insensitive. He’s also very close friends with Tex.

He has a friend, who I’ve met a few times, who is a prick. Thankfully he now lives back in his home country where he’s miserable. He’s not very nice to my friend, and likes to embarrass him and be really rude to him. But my friend is totally down with it so whatever.


So my friend I were at a birthday party last Saturday. I bailed at about 1, and he rolled in at 7am. I woke up a few minutes later and opened up my Facebook.

And the prick had posted a screenshot of a conversation with my friend. Tagged him in it, and hashtagged it #LadiesMan

Btw, shifting is Irish slang for hooking up.

I was really fucking upset. I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach when I read that. I know my friend wasn’t actually referring to me with that joke. But that is definitely how it would come across to anyone reading it!


So, informal poll:

Horseshit? Or total fucking horseshit?

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