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Is this just a case of Gawker commenters being awful?

I was surprised by the top comment thread on Caity's most recent "Thatz not okay" about how to deal with guests with food allergies or other food restrictions. The predominant attitude was "fuck your allergies, just don't eat or don't come," which I find shockingly asshole-y. As a host, why would I invite guests to a dinner party and then serve food that they couldn't partake in? I want people to eat the food I make, not pick at it, or, worse, stare at it longingly because I put nuts in it and they can't eat nuts. If I had a vegetarian guest I'd make a veggie dish, if I had someone with a severe food allergy I wouldn't use that ingredient, and if someone has celiac I wouldn't serve pasta. Is that not typical?

What say you, GT?

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