Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Is this just oldster fuddy duddyism?

We went to Goodwill. Second time today, we went once bought nothing drove further up the street hit a shop and on the way back my mother stopped in again. She bought nothing. So this second time I decided to sit on a couch and play on my Nintendo 3ds. I got to a couch and there was a woman, early twenties, laying on it in a fetal position using her cellphone. Fetal position fine, but she took 3/4 of the couch, her carriage was in front of last quarter. What annoyed me was she had shoes on and her feet were on the couch WITH shoes on. Growing up it was drilled into my head by mother and late grandmother was the simple line “GET YOUR SHOES OFF THE COUCH NOW”.

To me that is rude and disrespectful to the seller and buyer. If she had bought it a stock clerk or two would have already brought it to back room for pickup.


Is putting your feet on a couch WITH shoes acceptable behavior now? Am I just an old fuddy duddy?

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