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Is this kosher?

Hi GT! Hoping for some help on a menu I’m planning for a party tomorrow night. One of the women coming is Jewish, and it’s Passover. She told me she’s not super kosher, and summed it up by saying “Basically I can’t eat flour.”

What I’m planning for tomorrow night is crostinis with different veggie toppings, including: avocado, cucumber, radish (maybe), olives, spinach, cherry tomatoes, and green onion. The plan is to put these things on top of toast points with a cheese—feta, cream cheese, blue, gorgonzola, and brie, among the options. However, toast points are very floury. And despite this friend insisting she’s fine just eating salad all night, the hostess in me won’t allow the only main course for her to be salad. So, I was thinking about making mini potato bases to put all the same stuff on.


However, I don’t know about cheeses, and in general I don’t know much of anything about kosher food. For example, if I take potatoes, shred them up, add salt and pepper, and bake little bases in cupcake tins, then add smashed avo with spices and arugula on top, is that kosher? If I add feta cheese to the mix, is that kosher? Cream cheese? Hummus? I think hummus is kosher, although I don’t think that’ll taste good on top of potato cupcakes. :/

So help me GT! What is kosher (with regard to the menu that I’ve planned)?

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