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Welcome To The Bitchery

Is this more damaging to Trump than the Manafort indictment?

Link here for anyone who can’t see the thumbnail #becausekinja.

Edit because I posted this so fast and should add a little info:

George Papadopoulos (an energy and foreign policy adviser on the Trump team starting in May of last year) apparently lied to the FBI about his communications with Russia. I’m not positive what they apparently talked about is considered illegal, but he lied about it and is therefore pleading guilty to impeding the investigation, basically.


Edit again: How am I supposed to get anything done today?!

Edit again again: Not to be all “Reagan would turn over in his grave!” bla bla, because frankly, Reagan would learn that it was about rich people getting richer and probably think that the Russians of today aren’t half bad. However, the composition of our government being secretly manipulated with the help of a foreign power (Russia, no less!) is exactly one of the things that people were bonkerballs terrified of during the Cold War. BONKERBALLS.

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