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Is This Normal For Contractors To Do? I Find It Rude

We hired a contractor to put up outdoor shutters and take down the faded old ones. Its hot so I keep my bedroom windows open. I came upstairs for bed and noticed an odor coming from my bedroom. I called my mother and she said it smelled like someone was smoking. It was strongest by the windows and she realized it was from the contractor she noticed he was smoking a lot. I did not notice since I was downstairs and shut the inside shutters in family room because GF and BF would not stop barking otherwise. I had fan in front of me on full power.

The smell is not as bad as before or I am getting used to it.

To me this was rude to smoke in front of open windows. I also think its rude to smoke on a person’s lawn without asking, but that’s just me some may disagree.


Is this normal contractor behavior? My mother thinks he did a good job, I briefly looked when out with GF and BF.

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