That if you go to a consignment store to consign you make an appointment first? My mother had a few items to consign so of course she has an appoiñtment. Well we get there early to browse and ten minutes before out appointment this woman comes in with two bags of stuff. So the owner a very nice woman said “ok but I have an appointment in ten minutes so I will look until then”. So I watched thinking “nope”, “god no”, “sheesh baskets not even longenberger god no”, “are these remains of a yard sale”, “package of dice are you kidding me”. Owner took a couple of pieces of jewelry and far more polite then my thoughts. The consigner then said “oh you need an appointment?” The owner then sent her to her clerk who gave her the contract to be a consigner then once that was through the owner would then log them into her account on the computer.

Then I had this horrible thought I know this stuff. After years of complete disinterest I am learning good junk from bad all because of what my mothers hobby is and going to Goodwill six or more times a week. We hit there twice just about each time.