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Is this posted already? Human Rights Campaign: White Men's Club

Based on a series of focus groups and surveys with the staff, conducted by outside consultants, the report detailed systemic problems within HRC — ranging from treatment of employees, including those who are transgender, to concerns about human resources and organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion.

HRC acknowledged the report on Tuesday, and provided BuzzFeed News with a four-page response on Wednesday. HRC spokesman Fred Sainz told BuzzFeed News that the group commissioned the report “as part of its own self-reflection and is a concrete sign that HRC is committed to doing better both by our employees and the communities we serve.”

I mean, are we surprised? I am, but only in how well they’ve managed to apparently fuck over anyone who was female, genderqueer, trans, POC... you name it, while still proclaiming that their goal was to “[envision] a world where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are embraced as full members of society at home, at work and in every community.” Yet in their own office it is openly acknowledged that “No one trusts HR” to address the discrimination faced in their own office.


It is tough in the nonprofit world to really show your values for living wages and benefits when watching the panic over admin costs and your bottom line. But it’s fucking important. This is why.

More importantly: can we agree that paying for a report that tells you how shitty you are does not begin to mitigate the shittiness and is not a sign of good faith that it will change? Do you know how many internal reports like this are written every year for shitty companies? A lot. Do you know how much usually changes? Very little.

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