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Update: Found Her Vlog. Is This Relationship Requirement List From A Female SJW Real?

Update: Found her vlog thanks to a comment here by Automatic Door leading me to it. I find her to be a lonely person. She is overly justifying her weight its fine for people to accept their bodysize but when you write over and over about it I have to wonder if she is justifying it more to herself then the reader. Most folk who are overweight myself included just accept it and move on. She just seems to have gone from accepting her body size to justifying it. When one justifies I have to ask do you really accept your body size and are you justifying for me or yourself.

I do not think she is a troll. There is too much consistancy in what she says. Unless she is a really good troll.


This is a youtube video going through line by line the dating requirements of an activist who calls herself and SJW. I like to consider myself an SJW but this list comes across as controlling and a wee bit rapey.

Some items like not wanting to be gaslight, talked over, criticized for looks and body type is fine and common sense.

Saying her job is activism and wants her potential boyfriend put money in to help her support her job. No. That is borderline wanting a Sugar Daddy. If you cannot support yourself doing activism a requirement for being a boyfriend is to financially support you? No that’s Sugar Daddyism.

Saying you are Sex Positive. Gonna have to google if this real. So requiring sex five times a week. Wanting sex should be mutual. Requiring a set number of times comes across as rapey. No one should.ever feel obligated to have sex.


Massage her three times a week. If she said mutual massage ok but not a one way street.

Requiring friends who are racially diverse, disabled and lgbtq. Friendships come naturally to people not having a checklist. If it was open to friends no matter their race, ability or sexuality would be better.


Handing over their internet history and never use incognito. No. That’s controlling.

Having to drive you to all your activism activities. If I am able to I would love to. Oh that money to support your job of activism that can go towards a taxi.


Having to stay up to date with shws she likes, Harry Potter and Star Wars. Plus like Beyonce. Yet nothing about recipricating its all about her likes and needs.

I would say this list is a joke but it seems this sjwer has a vlog. I need to find it.


I just subscribed to Rachel Oates. She is fairly good. Not a funny youtuber like Azzyland or Sniperwolf but gets into serious issues like how religion hurts children.

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