I am sure most of us have heard about Brittany Maynard, the courageous woman who has gone public with her choice to end her life instead of allowing the beast of incurable and aggressive brain cancer take it for her.

Now, this is a bit personal for me. My father died when I was 18 of the same type of cancer that Maynard has. He fought it for 3 grueling years and as doctors warned, he eventually succumbed to it. It was a hard, ugly last 2 months to watch. I have long ago decided that if I ever find myself in a similar situation I will exhaust the resources available to me and then die on my own terms. I will never allow such an ugly and undignified death to be how my family remembers my last days. My last days will be full of light and happiness. That is if I have the good fortune to be able to choose such.

Now onto why I am writing this, in my insomnia I stumbled across this blog post on Facebook. It is essentially stating that Brittany's choice is wrong, that Jesus loves her and her sad story, and that she should truly die with dignity, the way Jesus intended(aka. by not choosing death with dignity). Now, my real problem with this is that the blog is prefaced by hawking this woman's book. If you choose to be all snoopy like me you will see that this blog post has almost a half a million views. However when perusing other posts on the blog the most views I could find on any other post was around 25,000.


I am all for a lively debate about death with dignity. It brings up a lot of moral conundrums and many people find the thought of it distasteful. However, I am asking for some opinions on this. Is it as opportunistic and greedy as it seems? I get that it's written by someone else who is terminally ill with a different type of brain cancer, but it honestly feels like opportunism and trying to sell more books on the back of someone else's tragedy.

What say you Groupthink? Am I over reacting? Am I just a jerk to be so annoyed? I want to call the person on Facebook out as this seems rather un-Christ-like to me. But then again, Facebook drama is never good drama.