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Is this something I should take seriously?

Most of you guys know that I'm a student in community college. I'm 26 and about to be a sophomore/junior-ish in the upcoming academic year. My GPA is high- should be around a 3.8 after this semester ties up. I'm a Phi Theta Kappa scholar. I'm involved in clubs, and my writing received some very high praise from some faculty. I do a decent amount of volunteer work. I guess this is all shaping up to make me appear to be a good candidate for transfer to a decent college after I finish my AA.

I've been getting some emails and letters from various universities trying to coax me into filling out a transfer application to finish my degree at their institutions. Some are public colleges out of state, some are state schools here in Texas. In the past three weeks, however, I've gotten repeated contact from Columbia University, and the University of Pennsylvania. This is really surprising to me, and I'm wondering...is going to a school like that really within my reach? With as many applications as they receive, I assume they're not exactly hurting for students. It might be that my name got pulled from a PTK membership list and they just send out mass emails based on membership in honors societies, or because I'm considered non-traditional and it helps their demographics or something. But still...I'm weirdly excited. Obviously, there's no way to know if I'll get in before I actually apply. I just never dreamed an Ivy League institution would be sending me emails encouraging me to apply. Like I said, maybe it's just something they send out to tons of people...


But, you never know.

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