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Is this still true for colleges?

I know some are either in college or working in colleges so I wonder if this is still true or unique to my college in the mid1980s through early 90s, when I left. At my college there were considered 3 types of students (I assume this is still true) the traditional student who resides, the traditional student who commutes (that was me) and the nontraditional (typically late 20s through 40s) who almost only take night classes.

One day a teacher explained the nontraditional is the true money maker for the school, all the school has to be concerned about it electricity and teachers salary. Residents use resources like food, sleeping areas, commuters need a place to buy cheap food and to hang out in. The teacher went on to say without these nontrads night school the college wouldn't afford to buy as much and keep updated like computer labs etc.


Is night school nontraditional still a huge driving money making force? Even in the 90s when I worked for a year at a university satellite campus (it was a building with parking lot, I never went the 50 miles to main campus) it was pure night school. Its still in business.

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