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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Is this Strange?

I just folded my upstair's neighbors undies and bras. Is that okay?


I've never lived in a place with laundry. Either I brought it to my folks or went to the laundry mat. Current apt has 1 washer and dryer to be split among 3 tenants. We and the people on the 3rd floor hardly ever use it—there are two of us in each apt and the washer's small, so it's easier to just go to the laundry mat (65lb washers FTW!).


Because of this, our 2nd fl neighbor uses the laundry pretty much exclusively. I like her a lot. She's fun, sweet, and a vet. So, when I noticed her clothes were in the dryer, I was like, "Oh! I like her! I will not dump. I will (try to) fold nicely."

But I know her bf's over (he lives in RI) and didn't want to disturb her so just left the folded clothes on the dryer...is this odd? GuyJinx wasn't home when I did this and is now convinced she'll think he touched her undies and wants to avoid her from now on.


Did I fuck up?

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