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Is this the real life?

Single life apparently comes with a lot of curveballs. A week ago I was frustratingly crushing on my ex-rebound at work. Today I can’t even imagine it.. Because another boy has come to the fore. Can someone tell me if this is the real life please?

Thursday : I respond to a joke by a random guy on Twitter: Lets call him Bristol boy. We tweet back and forth because he’s coming to NL that same day! I tell him I’ll meet him for a beer and that’s that.

Friday : He DM’s me he’s in the country. We chat back and forth a bit. Innocently. Meanwhile I complain to some people about how having a crush on a boy (rebound-boy) doesn’t mean he’ll like you back. Am not willing to open up to him about said crush.


Saturday : We spend hours chatting to each other. So much so that we both starve half to death, while complaining to each other about how we’re starving. By the afternoon we’ve gone from silly jokes to ‘I kind of like you and think you’re cute and maybe I’d like to kiss you some time.’ in between our banter. For some reason this turns me on rather than off. By the evening we’re discussing when exactly we’ll meet.

Sunday : More chatting. He’s very open about his interest in me. This is weird.

Monday : More and more chatting. We want to meet badly.

Tuesday : He’s in amsterdam. I’m carefully excited. We decide that after dinner I’ll join him and whatever friends for a beer. I pick a place to meet and we have some beers. This guy is.. he’s instantly attractive. Bristol boy is charming, cocky yet insecure sometimes, open and we have a great back and forth. He’s not terrible on the eyes either. But since he’s staying hours away they have to leave.

I get home, text friend “Holy shit he’s like totally hot, omg” and I get a text from Bristol boy. They’ve missed the train. In a crazy exchange he decided to miss the train and we went back to the bar we’d met before to meet. We have a beer and he ends up staying the night (we knew he’d have to).

Today : I’m infatuated.

What the hell. I don’t even know what is up anymore.

I don’t know if it’s because he’s this combination of cocky and vulnerable (on the one hand he’s very confident and teases me, on the other he’s insecure because he lost a lot of weight not long ago and doesn’t realise how totally hot he is), or because we have great chemistry (how do you have online chemistry though, really), or because he’s so open about his like for me? Because he’s so intense about it? Am I just infatuated with his infatuation with me? Will I be sick of this in a week? It’s likely. Do I care though?


I find myself happy every time I hear from him and he’s said he doesn’t look forward to going home, since he wants to see me more. (we will see each other Saturday for sure, that was the original plan but because we wanted to see each other sooner we met yesterday) He’s asked me to come visit him, or he’ll come visit me more. We haven’t discussed plans or anything just open about the fact that it’s something we might want if the other times go good.

It’s SO unlike me. I usually take my time, I want lots of contact but not TOO much because I’ll get bored. I don’t want to show vulnerability at all yet I’ve told him I kind of like him and miss him already. I barely know a thing about him and yet I spent half my (very sleep deprived) day thinking about him. And I jump at a new message from him. I mean what is even happening here. Is this the real life? @_@


I decided to just go with the flow and see where this takes me in a ‘this is something fun to enjoy’ kind of way. But I’m honestly flabbergasted by everything about it.

Has anyone ever had this before? Am I being drugged?
No seriously. Am I?

I feel like protecting this thing in a little bubble. I haven’t even told my girlfriends yet. But my friend who came over was right away all “whats up with you?” at my goofy look. What the heck.

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