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Is This The Year For Jacked-Up Hair?

I've been getting caught up on the whole "fashion" thing since Fashion Week is coming in September. I used to know everything about the latest trends and styles from various runways for the next season. Lately, I haven't been able to be bothered since I know what I like no matter what's in style.

Anyway, while reading W Magazine at a cafe', I read this interesting article about messy-looking hair and jacked-up bangs being a kind of trend.I find it interesting because the article tells it like it is: they want their hair to look imperfect because "middle-aged soccer moms" are going to salons for perfect hair.I predict that once these middle-aged mothers sport imperfect hair as well, there's going to be a huge rant from some fashiony type over how "middle-aged soccer moms" look horrible with their jacked-up bangs and how they are different and have perfectly coiffed hair. And so the Circle Of Classism continues.

I've noticed that a lot of ads feature models with obvious wigs that from my opinion look unfinished.The latest Chanel ads to make the high-fashion circuit is the worst offender,IMO.


I don't know...I think the two women in the center and the far right are killing it, at least in the hair department, more than the one on the far left. Is this supposed to be fashionable, or is it supposed to make a point? Call me a Middle Aged Soccer Mom, but I like seeing nice hair to complete the fantasy that fashion magazines obviously are feeding to us.

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