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Welcome To The Bitchery

Is this thing on???

Like, ever have that one person you work with that, like, appears to not retain information at all, even when they said they did, and then two weeks later say, “Um, by the way, how does this process work, because I don’t think we ever discussed it in depth”, even though I can go back and find the meeting notes of the meeting we had 5 months ago when I EXPRESSLY AND SPECIFICALLY laid out how the process works (with notes!). Then also can find the 2 other, separate, emails where I sent this person the SAME MEETING NOTES POINTING OUT IT OUTLINED EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS ASKING ABOUT yet somehow this person has no memory of that? All hypothetical, of course, not actual people living or dead. Ugh.

Insert "Am I taking Crazy PILLS??" gif here.


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