A friend of mine wants me to help him buy Adobe Creative Suite.

Actually, he's my best friend's brother of whom I am sort of friends with. (Edit: Should I let my BFF know he's asked me this?) I'm a university student, so I apparently get a discount on this stuff, and he asked if he could use my "studentness."

At first I thought it would be me buying it and then giving it to him upon which he'd give me money. I don't think this is the case anymore (and I wouldn't have been okay with that.) He just needs to pretend to be me. What he says he needs is a tuition bill or transcript or something. I checked on Adobe because I'm slightly uncomfortable with this whole business but don't feel like I have an actual logical reason to not help him out.. and what he says he needs lines up with what the site says.

I'm just not sure how it all works. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any comments? Concerns? Helpful advice?