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is this too creepy?

I drew this with a Sharpie pen a while ago, back when I was a little more morbid than I am now (I think).

I wanted to make a regular character out of this alien guy (on something more than just a composition notebook piece of paper) but now that I revisit him I think maybe he is a little too creepy for that.


On the other hand, I think he's charming in a horrifying way and I find it hilarious how he fails so miserably at masking his over the top malevolence.

If I make a portfolio out of this guy doing random shit like what is pictured, am I just going to come off as creepy and weird, too? ....I try to keep that hush hush. (Not usually successfully.)

Actually, now that I see it in "Published on Groupthink" form, it is hella creepy.

If it bothers anyone I will totally take it down.

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