Family therapy experts weigh in please...

When two family members are in dispute, is it usual to refuse any private conference with one player when permission has been given by both parties? After repeated requests? When the opposing party has been speaking for months?

During a "moderated" conversation, requested by both parties, is shouting and aggressive language ok? Is repeating hurtful things said by others who are not present ok? Is venom and sarcasm ok?

I really wanna know. I'm looking for closure here. I think I just got lynched, which is fine, I'm okay, but I'm not sure our family was really done a service here.

Eta: please forgive my unintentionally offensive use of the word "lynched." I meant to indicate that I felt myself to be in a hostile environment, outnumbered, voiceless, powerless and beat to shit. But I will not use that word casually again, thanks for the corrections.