So the guy my mother wants me to marry added me on Facebook yesterday. Blue is him, purple is me. This is what I imagine chatting with someone on OKC is like, only we live in different countries so I'm not going to be propositioned anytime soon. And also if someone on OKC knew my mom, I would be weirded out. (I hate FB messaging in general. I avoid pretty much everyone but my sister, and that's because we're super close/similar, and I know I can walk away from the conversation at any time without it being awkward.)

I'm also going to assume that he doesn't know my mom wants us to be a romcom, because that would make his second message much weirder.

Also, I hate "tell me about yourself". What am I supposed to say, that I'm a crazy feminist who's loud online and quiet IRL? Assorted facts easily gleaned from a brief glance at my profile? That right now I have half a dozen pairs of underwear on my radiator and I'm just killing time until my sheets are dry and I can go to bed?