Buzzfeed has collected a list of 31 things teens think are cool (although it was originally from a reddit) and it has thoroughly convinced me of my crotchety old lady status. Even though I was only a teenager less than a decade ago, I found myself googling quite of few of these. Many of them were old standbys (underage drinking, weed, converse), however, the one that most made me sad for the future of humanity was this:

26. "Ironically following religions like Wicca"

What? WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN!? How do you "ironically follow" a faith? Do they have twitter accounts? Some youth get in here and explain this to me.

ETA: If you don't want to shake your fist and tell these kids to get off my lawn with me, take a look at this adorable article about puppies cuddling with stuffed animals!