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Is this you?

Cuz... yeah, it’s me. :D

What are things you say in your relationships that’d make other people barf?

I tend to use kind a kind of baby talk with Homey and the cats. Not all the time, and not in a baby talk voice but, for example, yesterday? Homey texted to ask about my dinner plans and I texted back, “I’m making bakey tatoes, member?”


We eat brekkie, wunches, and dinney at our house. Food between meals is “a lil snickety-snack.” We take showeys or bavs and, if you have to go to the bathroom, we say you’re going “pooters.” (That one, I started saying to be funny and Homey actually said, “Please don’t call it that because you know I’ll be calling it ‘pooters’ within a couple months and I really don’t want to be the guy who says ‘pooters.’” But, you know... here we are. ;)

When the cats cuddle us, we’re getting wubbins. We have “fambwee times” at night (when all humans and cats cuddle on the couch). Our cat, Boo, actually knows what “fambwee times” means—after dinner, we tell him it’s fambwee times and he runs into the living room and hops on the couch.

I think that’s annoying enough for now, lol. How about you guys? What’s your couple’s code, if you have one?

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