Bear with me here, there's a point, I promise.

Whenever the weather starts to get nice, my desire to work out comes back. I actually love exercise (I'm one of those assholes) but I haven't gone to the gym in fucking forever. Mostly because I was too busy throwing my brains up from the psych meds cocktail. But now it's nice out and I can wear shorts and stuff*, and something about the nice weather makes me want to sweat and be sore.

But I, you know, have strep. Now I vaguely remember, back when I was incredibly active, working out when I was sick and feeling better after. But I don't know if that's true or if I'm making it up.

Basically the question is, will I die if I hit the elliptical? I'd say 99% of the things I do, the two questions I ask first are "will I die?" and "will this activity permanently hurt me physically or mentally?" If the answer to both of those things is "no" then usually I go right ahead (which does, in fact, explain two of my tattoos).

I just want to mooooove. Summer = insane restlessness.

Or should I just shut the fuck up and go back to bed?

*Wear gym shorts outside. I.e. do not have to change clothes once I get to the gym.


ETA - I'm a schmuck. The contagious factor didn't even dawn on me. I'll just take a walk.