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Is Your Pubic Mound Too Sweaty?

Yes ladiezzz, apparently your mons, and surrounds, can be too sweaty. According to this Aussie Kotex ad, when you're getting your workout on, you shouldn't be focusing on powering through, having fun, feeling good, meeting your goals, or whatever reason you choose to exercise. You should be worrying about if your fucking crotch is sweaty, and if other people are looking at you and judging your sweaty camel toe like "oh my god look at that girl, she is like... sweaty, in a gym. Ew."

In a bid to envelop us in cottony soft wings every day of the month, instead of just the bloody ones, recently a lot of Shark Week suppliers have been offering 'liners' to absorb discharge.I guess this is just an extension of that trend? So now we just need to have some weird bleached adhesive napkin pressed up against our vulva at all times because heaven forbid that our genitals function as genitals ought to?


Obviously, Kimberly Clarke, who owns Kotex, has no comparable products for men, because the enticing musk of ball-sweat is their birthright.

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