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Is your S.O. like your parents?

Isn't it some kind of old cliche that your husband will be just like your dad, or something like that?

Bullbelle went on two hunting trips with my dad this month. I love that they are bonding. I have always know that Bullbelle is a lot like my dad - they both love hunting and fishing. They both chose a career that would make good money but be pretty boring. They are both very laid back about most things. They even listen to the same music. But it leaves me feeling a little left out and lonely.

On the other hand, I have NOTHING in common with my mother-in-law. Her main interests are cleaning, country music, and socializing. And she hates animals. I am obsessed with my critters, a slob, an introvert and a huge nerd. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I'm actually more like his dad than his mom. We both have outdoor/physical careers and are socially awkward and very opinionated.

Tell me GT, is your significant other anything like either of your parents? Is it really weird that I married someone that's a lot like my dad?


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