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Today I let the cat out!

Sweet Potato is a very fierce cat who, thanks to all of you here at GT, is now quite docile due to the feliway hormone stuff. No more biting! But he is still a very curious cat, and when Grandmere and I went out to the shed to get an old file cabinet he decided to join us. Because of course, I had left the door open so I could carry in the metal cabinet.

So SP ended up in a deep, dark corner of the shed, obdurate as a rock, my grandmother waving a broom in one hand (her trusty walker in the other), me wishing I had worn trousers instead of skirts and crinolines, hissing and spitting from all involved. It was a sight. We ended up just leaving him there (we even said, goodbye Sweet Potato, we’ll miss you!) and he walked back in as cool as can be. He then took a nap - on his new dog bed, because he refused several smaller, clearly inferior cat beds - and came out to rub his little stubborn face on mine. He is far too cute.


So far I have lit a fire and aided a kitty escapade. I have been here two days. Last trip we both ended up in the ER on the first day.

What will tomorrow bring? I’m worried I may pee myself.

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