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Israeli Peace Activist Seeks to buy 5K Tonnes of Potatoes for Gaza

Gershon Baskin, a longtime Israeli peace activist has set up an Indiegogo campaign to buy 5000 tonnes of potatoes to be distributed to the people of Gaza. The potatoes are Israeli agricultural surplus, and will be destroyed on Sunday as a price control measure unless Baskin can come up with the money.

According to Baskin, potatoes currently go for 5 to 6 times in Gaza what he will pay for the potatoes.


Undoubtedly, some people are concerned about how this influx of potatoes will affect farmers in Gaza. Sadly, much of Gaza's best farm land is along the border with Israel and has been taken by the Israelis as a buffer zone. Also, I would imagine the latest Gaza offensive has probably been quite disruptive to agriculture in Gaza.


When I visited the Indiegogo campaign it seemed some mischief makers were at work because Indiegogo asked my opinion about whether the campaign contained offensive content. How small souled do you have to be to try and actively sabotage a campaign to buy food that is going to go to waste and give it to hungry people? Don't like the campaign, don't contribute. But don't try and shut it down.

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