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It Ate Too Many Jalapenos

And now It has the blurps. (I'm sure you can imagine the difference between a "blurp" and a "burp.")

"It" is how I refer to the devil on the left shoulder when it comes to appetite; It makes terrible decisions. When eating sensibly, I'm me, making a good, human decision; It is the monster inside of me that does things like drink a gallon of coffee throughout the day, forget to eat, and then beast a bunch of jalapenos on my tacos.

It does things like eat pot brownies, and then put a slice of pizza on a sandwich. It thinks It needs 2 servings of everything, instead of one. It buys candy in the grocery aisle, even though I don't even like candy, just because It is hungry.


I do not do any of these things. I cook for myself, eat salads, do things that make me feel better instead of worse. It does the opposite.


See how easy it is for me to deflect responsibility for my own actions?!

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