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It can be a slog

Oh, life, you are hella difficult sometimes. I didn't get a job I wanted this week that would have been closer to my house and paid a lot more. That sucked balls. I've never had good job luck, even after getting a law degree from a T-14. So the gratitude journal I started was a little grim yesterday. "I have all four limbs." "I'm allowed to sit down a lot at my job." Buuuuut I am grateful for those things. And it made me feel slightly slightly better to write that stuff down.

I felt like crap the past few days but I kept a kid out of the adult system (he could've been charged in superior court, which would have meant prison), I forced myself to go to yoga at 8:30 AM, and I made a new friend from down the street. Baby steps. Even though I spent last night in bed with episodes of Happy Endings I am still doing OK.


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