Because I’m in a relationship*, but I realized I have a thing for bad girls.

The realization came when chatting with a lesbian friend of mine who said she assumed my type of girl was Gabrielle Union. As much as I admire her I would probably not date her—I’d be the busy Drakin’ over a zaftig version of Rihanna. Maybe it’s low self-esteem? All those years of wanting the cool girls to like me as a friend rubbed off, and now I want the cool girls to like me as more than that? I dunno. They chew me up and spit me out and I wipe off the slobber and come back for more. It’s really sad, to be honest.

What kind of types do you have? Do you notice the icky things about your attractions? If you’re bi, do they differ between genders? I know I like assertive people in general, and ideally I want someone who has their shit together, but with guys I swoon for nerdy, goofy, and down to earth types and with girls I prefer them really cool and fun and enigmatic.

*one that allows threesomes, but not additional relationships.