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It drives me up the wall

I have been watching last season of the CW show, Arrow, on Netflix. It’s a dumb superhero show, I hate pretty much everyone in it except Felicity (who makes bad choices) and I don’t know why I continue to watch it.

The other day I looked up a character profile because I couldn’t remember what the guy’s story was. I usually “watch” the show while fucking around on the computer and miss stuff. Unfortunately, this reminded me of the, for me, most unforgiveable line from last season. The character:


The unforgivable:

During an operation in Tanzania, the team was facing the warlord outgunned, so Lyla Michaels gave the call to kill them all.

Why? Because I lived in Tanzania. Guess what? They haven’t had a war since the 70’s (something we in the USA can’t lay claim to), and have never had a civil war (ditto). It is a very peaceful and beautiful country containing over 120 different ethnic groups. Consequently, there are no warlords because there is no war to lord over. I am very attached the country and it drives me nuts that now, some people will think it’s some kind of war-torn failed state. While the Tanzanian “warlords” were not shown on screen, they were talked about it it drives me batty. BF tried to tell me that there are no superheros in real life, so it may be some sort of alternate reality Tanzania but come on, everything else in this show seems to indicate that it takes place in the real world, not a fantasy setting.

It’s almost as bad as this:


... a headline shown when the Pope had just landed in KENYA. Hardly a hotspot of international conflict. And this is how stereotypes persist and we continue to write off an entire continent of people and ignore both their needs and their potential. It makes me fucking crazy.

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