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It finally happened!

You guys, I think I might be dreaming! I just adopted a four month old ferret named Spring. He was surrendered by his previous family because he doesn’t get along with other ferrets. I have been waiting for this day for 18 years, since my mom made me re-home my baby boy Frankie. I love ferrets so damn much! I even adore their smell.


Look at that face!!!!!!! He is so happy! We got him a sweet multi-level house with a hammock, hidey tube, litter box, and ramps. We even introduced him to the dogs, and he seems to be 100% fine with them. Little Pluto already wants to be best buddies and is crying to get to him. Our kitty is keeping her distance so far; that will be interesting to watch unfold. I still can’t believe LordSparrow was on board for this, but he’s almost as happy as I am. 

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