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I rented two movies from Redbox, It Follows and Ex Machina. I decided to watch It Follows with my GF.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie that has sparked so many ideas for me.

To recap briefly: Evil entity will walk towards you if you have sex with someone who has the curse. The curse will transfer to you now. If you die, it will go back to the person you had sex with and so on up the line.


So here were some of my thoughts:

  1. Sex with animals? You could set up a whole Butcher shop and just use the evil entity to kill your animals for you - cow, sheep, whatever.
  2. Using basic Physics you could live a long and healthy life on the run. All you’d have to do is figure out the monster’s basic movement speed, and then spend your time between the two coasts. In theory it’d take around 280 days to walk from one coast to another (according to a 0.5s google search).
  3. Han Solo it. They show that the entity, although invisible to people who haven’t sexed it up yet with someone, can be affected by it. Although it can’t be killed (questionable ending I choose to interpret as no, it can’t be killed), it is corporeal so you could in theory trap it in carbonite (OK OR RUSSEL EDGINGTON IT AND CEMENT IT).
  4. You could, in theory become a superhero. You could use your power to kill criminals! Wooooow! You could make a deal with death row inmates. Conjugal Visits!
  5. Couldn’t you set up a paradox just by being monogamous? If I pass it to you and you pass it back to me and then I pass it back to you etc, then in order for the thing to go down the line it needs to kill me, then you, then me again but oh wait I’m dead already!
  6. I’m pretty sure the whole point was that the “evil entity” was death and that it really doesn’t matter what you do, it’s patient, it will watch you flail about hopelessly trying to avoid it but in the end, it will catch up. ....UNLESS YOU BECOME A CYBORG. HELP ME BILL GATES!

Anyway, that was my thoughts on the movie. I really liked it!

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