It gets better (for assholes too?)

Some of my feminist-conscious librul friends and I have recently been commenting on how loads of hot-topic news bits these days are about things we had giddily assumed would become obsolete way back in the 1990s. I'm thinking of workplace misogyny, gendered pay scales, rape victim blaming, whether abortion should be legal, etc. Back then it felt like those things had become so well recognized that OF COURSE they were on their way out, and anyone who said anything contrary to the progress trajectory was uncouth, not classy, absurd, etc. Only that hasn't worked out, obviously. And then I saw this headline this morning:

and it made me wonder something, because I NEVER heard stuff like this in the past because we thought we were all (bar the Coer d'Alene nutjobs) just fucking OVER something as ridic as anti-Semitism. (Which could be media bias - there's that possibility for sure. But keep reading.)

So you know how stuff like the It Gets Better Project is like, the concentrated version of community support on the interwebs? As in, it affirms LGBT youth identity and normalcy and worth by providing real positive reference points for an individual who is alone to be like "okay, here is another person like me and they are fine, I am not alone/won't be alone forever, and I don't need to change" if that makes sense. What I'm wondering is if that same affirmation, "okay here is another person like me etc etc... so I don't need to change" that's made possible by Twitter and message boards and whatever else is now being (subconsciously) applied to rightwing batshittery about race and gender and stuff. There are soooooo many opportunities now for assholes to be vocal, I wonder if they're empowering other assholes to express their full potential for assholitude in situations when they might have kept it a lot more quiet 20 years ago, because back then they would have felt isolated in their opinions and thus more tenuous about them.

[It should go without saying but this is the internet so I'll say it anyway: feeling isolated in an asshole rightwing opinion is NOT comparable to being isolated in one's sexual or gender identity by assholes, DUH. I'm just wondering if the community affirmation thing is working for them too, like some kind of evil mirror mechanism.]

So my questions are:
-am I hallucinating or have we actually gone BACKWARDS in the discussion since the 1990s in terms of progressive civil rights topics? (This is barring, of course, the rather excellent advances the US and UK have made wrt marriage equality et al.)
-are assholes empowering each other on the Webbernets to be assholier and thus grow their numbers? If so, what do we do about it?