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It has been a hella crappy week

Well, half week I guess. No, week. I have had a UTI since before the weekend. It wasn't that severe so I made the mistake of putting off asking the doctor for an antibiotic. I did eventually buy these new test strips they sell to confirm whether or not you really have one.

Also I have had this terrible pain in my right shoulder blade. It has hurt so bad that it has been hard to take a deep breath. Wednesday I was scheduled to go get a mammogram (my first in about 15 years) and a pelvic ultrasound about my fibroids, and I was feeling really punky all morning. I was lightheaded and dizzy and my shoulder hurt like hell. I had sent my doctor an email about the UTI the day before but I hadn't heard from him. I drove to the radiology place, which is only a few blocks away but I wasn't up to walking and a cab would cost more than parking. The whole time I was there I kept feeling worse and worse. I had trouble getting up and down from the examining table because of my shoulder. They told me I may need an MRI because I have such a big fibroid they can't see anything else.

By the time I was finished, I was feeling so terrible I almost called my husband to cab over and get me because I was afraid to drive, but I decided I could manage the few blocks. I drove and parked illegally and went into the house and begged him to move the car and get me some ginger ale and regular coke because I was queasy but needed some sugar in my system. I went upstairs took my clothes off and took 2 tylenol 3 because my head was pounding so hard. A little later I ate half a bagel with a little cream cheese and it tried to come back up. I took my temperature and it was almost 101.


The doctor sent Cipro for my UTI and I started it. I felt a little better the next day but still really crappy. I slept most of the day. I ate a little. My shoulder was starting to feel better. I really started to feel better by the evening when my appetite came back. I was starving at 6:00 and ate a ton of pizza. Then I could have gone to bed immediately even though I had slept all day. Still had a mild fever but felt much more normal.

However, my airconditioner had stopped working. The thermostat (which is digital) was blank - no display. It is supposed to get hot again this weekend. So I had to start calling around to find someone who could fix this. I finally did but it is the wiring between the AC and the thermostat and is going to cost me more than $500.

I'm still feeling kind of weak and washed out and headachey but nowhere near as bad as Wednesday. And I guess I'm out $500 but we need a working HVAC system (and under the lease we are responsible for repairs). We have a client who owes us money who probably could have done it but we can't reach him.

I'm wondering whether my illness could have had something to do with the UTI, or was just coincidental timing? Probably the latter.


So this is just me whining about first world problems, and thanking you for listening. Please send funny gifs if you can.

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