Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It has been a minute since we have done some GT interviews but fear not because



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That's right. You resident Afro who has a thing about meatballs(and a certain LuckyKittah) will be interviewing the rest of the people who signed up. Missed the original invite thread for an interview? That's okay, if you really want an audio or written interview, you will need to contact Snacktastic directly. No exceptions.

Here's a list of people who signed up originally but were not interview (that I am hoping to interview):

  1. BoobieChickManofathousandfaces
  2. auroraF
  3. Sechmeth
  4. katmelon
  5. Violet Baudelaire—CRG
  6. Ashinae
  7. Sisterswede
  8. iamstucklockedout?
  9. Wanderingwombat
  10. Owlislost
  11. Mr Disconnected
  12. Melannchung
  13. Nikkidix
  14. Snowyflorida
  15. me SNAX!
  16. Frogandtoadforever
  17. paranoid_shiksa_feminista
  18. Hotjupiters
  19. shoegal
  20. Dangertits
  21. ofermodig
  22. Bingo, Carlos
  23. Strangerbird
  24. HoneyHeart
  25. bazcat
  26. namechanged
  27. mcstabbypants
  28. bigdamnheros
  29. misfittoys
  30. kirov
  31. Googly Eyed Toy
  32. cleosmacktra
  33. parydoxmoron
  34. rokokobang
  35. rawrglicious
  36. lady rainicorn
  37. tookiedelacreme
  38. cowbelle
  39. Sciencegal
  40. Mrs M the Monarch
  41. Greenheart
  42. napsauce
  43. mooncaf
  44. acornprincess
  45. myprettyfloralbonnet
  46. yellowbird
  47. IvyBug!
  48. LaDaDi
  49. Singsyoursong
  50. AspenHill
  51. anotherbev
  52. Retiredjackaroo
  53. vauxhallmarie
  54. NeCarbslover
  55. LaVieBohemeB
  56. Ladygrinningsoul
  57. Flybuttresses
  58. tom hiddles have bloody nails
  59. cmonskinnylove
  60. Countess Von Fingerbang
  61. LadySparrow
  62. Lizzie
  63. Vancouverita
  64. AubinMagnus
  65. WoobietheLock
  66. spinstercatlady
  67. Internet Commenter
  68. Miz Jenkins
  69. Kelkelkel
  70. Decadentdegenerate
  71. Onmymindgrapes
  72. Willtheyorwontthey
  73. Thewhistlingbish
  74. Mynamebreakstherules
  75. croguesberg
  76. BlueTexan
  77. quashitlikeitshot?
  78. Shiny Red Robot
  79. laurenjam
  80. lapiquante
  81. youguise
  82. Jenn44416
  83. Pistachio Raspberry Snark
  84. Adam Antoinette
  85. eradicate4 (written)
  86. nothip
  87. Mrs Robert Plant
  88. Jorah in a Fedora
  89. MydearPeabody
  90. Mooncat
  91. story345
  92. lustdrunkwitch
  93. lady sparrow
  94. purple watch
  95. Pugglelover
  96. Maplesyrup
  97. Bloodybiddy

As you can see we have a lot of people to get through so I will be conducting interviews late Wednesday October 15th starting at 9 pm to 11 pm CST) (No I won't because my job is being dumb again), Thursday, October 16th (11 am to whenever cause I'm a beast like that) and on October 26th (3 pm to 5 pm). Depending on the interviewee's love for JJ Watt*, these interviews will take anywhere from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Let me know what time you would like to reserve. Overseas Gters, I am a night owl by force. The below times are US Central Standard Time, let me when you want an interview on whatever date (*cough cough* Katmelon *cough cough*) because most of you know I will be awake and I will be willing to work with you.


October 16th

I am not going to list the times because nobody has time to list all of that. They start at 11am and end whenever. Just let me know what time you want.


11:00pm-Shiny Red Robot

October 25th


October 26th








*I am totally kidding about JJ Watt. There will not be a question about him at all.....or will there???*


Want to know what I sound like and also listen to me be weird? Go here

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