I've been having periods for close to 20 years now. You'd think it would figure itself out and get on a decent schedule. I've even got a period tracker now on my phone to let me know when it SHOULD be coming along for a visit.

It showed up a full week early like a total jerkface. I was not prepared. I was crampy and pissy and bloated last night. Normally my periods are pretty chill. This one is a stupid stupid jerk.

I went to work this morning looking like I'd been chased down by werewolves. My supervisor thought something terrible had happened to me. I just mumbled that I'd gotten my period and she knowingly nodded and left me alone. I had hidden a stash of tampons in a drawer in the bathroom at home but I forgot to bring some to work so I had to use Work Tampons. I do not know where work places get tampons from but it must be the pit of hell because they are the WORST.

So thanks, period, for showing up TWICE this month. Blurgh.