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It Has Begun

  1. You guys, last night I dreamt that I was hanging out in the Olympic Village with the winter Olympians, because my brother was on the team. My bro is more of a shot-put kind of guy, so I don't know what his sport was supposed to be. Maybe he was the 4th guy in the bobsled. Anyhoo, I was with my friend who insists she's the Gus to my Shawn.

Or the Shawn to my Gus. I think it changes, depending on our moods. We were hanging out in a staging area with some of the speedskaters, introducing ourselves and partying before opening ceremonies. We didn't tell anyone we weren't athletes. I mean, it's actually kind of obvious that we aren't athletes, unless you count pole fitness (which could totally be a sport), but with all the winter layers, maybe less obvious. We were trying to decide if we should try to blend in with the crowd and watch opening ceremonies from the field. Then I remembered the sweaters,


and that we didn't have them and didn't want them, so we'd be just fine from the stands. Which reminded me that though we were in Sochi, we had no tickets to any events. This seemed like too big and real a problem to solve in a dream, and a bit of a downer, so I woke up.

The Olympics haven't even started, and I'm dreaming about them. My seasonal obsession is at a new level. I really have to start pacing myself.

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