I love my mother, really admire her, but whenever we are in close proximity for prolonged periods of time, she becomes highly and vocally critical of me.She has been sick for a while, so she hasn't had the opportunity to find too many things wrong with what I'm doing (save walking too heavy and disturbing the people below us, general cleanliness, and not eating enough vegetables).

Today, feeling better, she's had her first What Is Wrong With You speech. She told me that I am sloppy and don't care about anyone. Not myself, and especially not her, and she can tell because she told me to get the thinnest Poise pads (TMI, I guess) but I got the thickest ones instead when I went grocery shopping with a friend.Furthermore, my sloppiness and uncaring nature will make me a horrible romantic partner and mother.

I tried my best not to say anything because really, it's no use trying to argue with her. All it does is feel bad and dig a deeper hole for her to criticize me on. I have a feeling that she's going to hold onto this criticism for as long as she can, so there is nothing I can do to convince her that I am not sloppy and uncaring.Instead, I am going to put my uncaring nature to work and put absolutely no weight into her criticism. I can tell you that she is only this way when we are living together or in any form of close contact. We are living in the same room, so I'm lucky she hasn't said that I am evil incarnate.

After my brother's wedding, we will be going our separate ways, which I am grateful for, because some space is exactly what we need. Would it be petty if I don't contact her at all while we are apart? I admit that her words kind of hurt, but they'll be sweeter once she isn't living with me.Still, at this very moment, cutting her off from my life as much as I can sounds like a good idea.

Update: She has apologized for her behavior, saying that she is still recovering from her cold, and was feeling grouchy. I'm still going to keep my guards up, but I accepted her apology for now.


Update2: aaand she's upset with me for asking my address more than once, so fuck this.