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It is done. An ode to my old place.

I did it, I finally sold my old place.


I had a lot of nice memories there but having moved out 5 years ago and being a landlord since then has been... stressful. Particularly over the last year with The Tenant From Hell.


It was a nice little place bought at the height of the bubble (sob-laughing) and not even two weeks later, I met the future Mr. Nom. It was quite the little love nest. Low maintenance, convenient to work and play, affordable (two incomes and no kids is ~the dream~ for 20s living).

There have been many times over the last 5 years that I have dearly missed it. When cleaning (no one needs this many bathrooms! why do we have so much stuff?!) or meeting up with the DC area friends (why is “half-way” still so goddamn far?!) or craving any non-Americana food (we have one half-decent Mexican place and two options for “lesser of two evils” Chinese).

But, alas, we needed to simplify our lives. Having a property nearly an hour away, with one thing or another happening several times a year (or, every month with the TTFH) was a logistical, financial and emotional burden that just could not be sustained.

Mercifully, the market recently tilted in favor selling. Finally. Not, profitably, but enough. It was bittersweet, even after the ups and downs and renovations of the last year. Mr. Nom was actually choked up about it. But while it is bittersweet, it feels. so. good.


I’ve randomly been texting “WE’RE FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!” and several friends, knowing what the last year has been like, made a point to reach out and congratulate me after settlement.

I treated myself to a mini-spree at Sephora. Like, fifty bucks. Next up is a tidy sum to my parents, without whom I could not have afforded the down payment in the first place. I’ll still owe them, but a lot less.


It feels good. But I know I’ll miss it still.

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