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It is finished...

The couple are now married off and heading on to their honeymoon. The wedding was nice, but the day was long and today i am feeling my age. This was one of the few times i was happy for daylight savings time, even if it meant i woke up earlier than normal. But then again the wedding ended earlier than expected and by the time i scraped off my makeup and de-shellacked my hair and dumped the dress in a pile somewhere it was just a little past 11pm. I'd love to go into details, but it'd totally dox me and i don't want to risk the privacy of others.

Let's just say that this wedding on the bridesmaid scale of difficulty was a solid 5. It was mainly stressful because of the bride's stress at the whole getting married bit and because she was trying to pinch pennies for very complicated, yet understandable reasons. Overall wedding score was a 9, it was lovely, the homily was weird and folks left way too early. But at least we got everyone to do the cupid shuffle, even the old folks.

I did have an interesting conversation this week about people getting married where it doesn't feel right but you can't say why. I won't say if this was one of those weddings, but i have been in a couple of weddings and attended a few where i did have that unsettled feeling. So far they're all still together, but i still don't fully understand how or why. Well, on second thought, a several of the couples have really changed in good ways during their time as a married couple, but there's some where i dread what will happen once the kids are grown. And sometimes i suspect mrchien are that couple for some of our friends because he's an 'interesting' personality and it takes people some time to warm up to him. I know i did... I just tell people the sex is great. That kinda shuts down that question,lol. ;)


So, feel free to share you wedding stories, good or bad. Or you can share stories about interesting couples you've known, or couples that you don't understand how they work. :)

I'm going to get a glass of wine and try to finish some work that's due tomorrow...sigh... grad school....

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