I decided 'screw it' and finally broke down and made both of Susan Stamberg's Cranberry dishes: Cranberry chutney and Cranberry relish. I had to go out and buy everything and even then I missed the horseradish and had to substitute mustard. The chutney is pretty damn fiery and the relish turned out okay even with the mustard substitution (at least to me - but I like everything I cook). I am going to an orphan's Thanksgiving; this is my first T-day since my ex left (I mean we officially split in September but she stayed in the house up until March). We used to go to our friends out in Duval but I have not heard from them for a while and well, the friends who sent out the invite were one of the couples who we went to Argentina with (with whom we went to Argentina?? - the split infinitive thing is because in Latin the infinitive is a single word and how can you split a word (without using the word fuck as in guaranfuckingtee it) except this is an example of object of preposition screw up so never mind).