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It is much too early to be this angry. **UPDATED**

*Trigger warning*

Last night, my eldest came home from his week at his father's. He stayed up to chat privately with me. He was upset about some things his father said to him while he was there. The one that is killing me is, 'You should have been a blowjob, you piece of shit.'


Who effing talks to a child that way? It makes me so angry, and there's not a thing I can do about it. When I confront him about these behaviors, he tells me to go fuck myself. That our child is a pussy who needs to 'man up'.

I wish it were illegal to bully and emotionally torment your own child. It's not (thanks, Arizona).

Then on fb, I see this link, and I clicked it. (Moar trigger warnings!!!)

Who thought that a realistic decal depicting a tied up woman in the bed of a truck was a good marketing plan?


My day has hardly begun, and I'm already over it.


**Update— I made a huge reply to hamletgoessafari. I really do appreciate all of your responses. I wish it were as simple as just going to court. I had my ass handed to me the last time, and it's been a 50/50 split for 5 years. I don't have the money to fight him. It would require an attorney that is a bulldog, who could see through his shit. Those kind of lawyers cost $300-plus per hour here. I'm an at home momma to three kiddos. I just don't have that kind of resource. =(

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