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I woke up to realize I was mainpaged last night. Of course, there is much immature stupid in the greys. Usually this doesn't bother me, but this one comment has me edgy and dying to respond. I won't let it out of the greys and I won't dismiss because I kind of like having the greys there for posterity but it is making my heart race with rage. Anyway, I will respond here to this comment to keep myself from tearing my own face off.

"Ultimately, regardless of how much a person loves sports in general and the sport they play specifically...in life everyone wants to find someone to love. Heterosexuals don't want to be labeled b/c it devalues them individually in the eye of generalized suitors. A beautiful woman who plays hockey and is heterosexual does not want to be "passed" over by interesting men just b/c tons of lesbians play the sport."

Mmmmk. Several things.

1) 'Everyone' just means straight people I guess, since this entire comment is null and void if you give a fuck whether or not gay people want to find love.


2) Please! It isn't just that or a simple "I'm not gay" would suffice. No, straight people rage out sometimes and even when they don't, best case scenario is being insulted. Straight people either insult each other by calling each other gay or avoid it completely because they know it's insulting. This has jack shit to do with whether the opposite sex likes you or thinks you might be available, be fucking real. It is such a thing. Did you even read the article? Do we even live on the same planet? Do you even bowhunt?

3) I love how the potential straight women being described here (the not-homophobic ones, the ones who are just worried if they are labeled lesbian, you know, boys might like them less) is specifically described as "A beautiful woman who plays hockey and is heterosexual". Beautiful women are straight and ugly ones are gay, I guess? Or is it just that this person (why do I assume it is a man?) simply doesn't give a shit about whether 'ugly' women find love? Do they assume ugly women won't find love anyway and so fuck them? No, I think it's the ugly=gay explanation, personally. The beautiful ones are straight obviously. Why aren't we thinking of the poor beautiful straight women?

Thank you for listening to the responses I am not going to make to this fucking piece of shit who doesn't get it and clearly doesn't even care enough about getting it to read the fucking article he is commenting on. Or maybe he did read it, he is just some kind of sociopath that is incapable of feeling empathy towards others. Idk.

Fuck this comment.

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