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It is World Ocean's Day

We hear constantly about global warming/climate change, and about the impact of greenhouse gases on our atmosphere.

Equally as important is the impact on our oceans.

The oceans absorb about half of of all man made carbon dioxide, and not at all shockingly, it is having severe adverse effects.


Our oceans are acidifying. As they become more acidic, they are less able to sustain life of any kind. Shellfish are unable to calcify their shells. Bony fish are less able to calcify their bones. Our coral reefs are becoming bleached. Island nations that feed themselves mostly on fish are at the greatest risk, particularly in the South Pacific.

I have lots of people ask me why I went to law school. I wrote my law school equivalent of a thesis on legal solutions to addressing ocean acidification. I went to law school because we HAVE to understand the impact this is having on our world. We can’t breathe under water, but we need the oceans to survive.

Now please enjoy this picture of a silly fish.

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