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The following is an actual conversation between people I know on Facebook.

Asshat A posted this picture, and I thought "Wow, maybe he is getting some social awareness." Then, he went on to prove he completely missed the point.

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  • Asshat B: http://www.upworthy.com/the-shocking-t…
  • The Shocking Truth About What It Would Cost Us All If Walmart Paid A Living Wage? Now pay attention to those numbers, the video says it would cost $4.8 billion per year. If the Walton family were to throw their own money at it they would be penniless in 3 decades. Bad news for Walmart employees since a large portion of the Walton families wealth is 50% of the Walmart corporation (translation the people they were paying extra now have no jobs). No business is going to do that though of course, like the video says, they'll pass the costs on to us. So our national grocery bill will go up $4.8billion per year, so glad we saved that $.3billion per year in taxes, we're going to need it.
  • Asshat A: I was thinking about this lately, my guess if is walmart across the USA would stop accepting food stamps it would help other business grow and would probably help the welfare populous eat more healthy then just junk which in turn maybe motivation them to go to work more, and two it would let walden keep most of their fortune while rest of business America get theirs.
  • Asshat B: It would be unlawful for walmart to not accept food stamps.
  • Asshat A: Yeah they want to keep the welfare community. But for reals there are places that don't take food stamps, what gets me is 7eleven takes them and in California some fast food places.

So, based on the logic of the Asshat B, we shouldn't raise their wages, because that would raise the prices for the rest of us, so our grocery bills will go up. And that will cost us more as a whole than paying for welfare, so who cares if the people working at Wal-Mart can't afford to buy food.

And, I'm really not getting Asshat A logic. In a lot of places, Wal-Mart is the easiest, cheapest place for people to get fresh produce. Where does he think people are going to go if they quit accepting food stamps. He does realize that places like Safeway also have all that junk food that the "welfare community" apparently keeps buying up. And, if they were eating healthier, those lazy welfare recipients would start working harder, they wouldn't need welfare...


The idiocy, arrogance, and lack of compassion in this whole exchange is just angering!

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