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It must be self-reflection week...

Random thoughts:

After last night's rant about my friend, I do realize she is self-aware to an extent and it's good she's realizing lots of things (except when a friendship has become a one-way street).

Today another friend calls me and tells me about something terrible he did (it was not a good thing to do to someone, but I think it'll be ok). He doesn't want to tell this person what he did to them and he realized "BeeVee, I may have a slight drinking problem". Hmmm, yeah. He may not be an alcoholic, but he does use alcohol as a coping mechanism by drinking 3/7 days out of the week and then complains that he has no money. I'm just on the phone like...


It's so interesting he is coming to realize this. I feel like I'm around people becoming mostly self-aware and it's kind of cool. Now if they can change it and stop relying on me to vent to all the time that would be great. I love that my friends trust me, but I need some reciprocation here. That would be greeeaaat.

Anyway, tell me why I made a batch of no-flour peanut butter cookies and ate about half of them already? I finally had enough self control to stop lol.


This was me a while ago:


What are y'all up to?

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